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This is gonna be a tribute to my four-year classmate who recently passed away because of dengue.

His name is Justine. He really likes to play around with Rubix cubes. At first, when he mastered the 3x3 Rubix cube he became bored with it. He was already too fast in solving the normal Rubix cube. He could even solve it without looking at it directly. So he decided on buying different kinds of Rubix cubes online. Eventually, this is all that he have from buying online. Mind you, he solved every Rubix cube that he purchased online. I really look up to him because I can’t even solve the 3x3 how much more to odd-shaped ones. You might call him insane but for me he was not insane, he was epic. He solved the pentagon-sided Rubix cube on the upper left of the photo in seven hours. God. You were just too awesome.

I am glad that I met someone like him in my entire life. Thank you for sharing your amazing skill you have to us. You will always be remembered, Sucs. :)

Photo by: MKQV

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